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NOTE: Due to COVID protocols, the research carrel room is closed for the Fall 2021 semester, and we are not accepting applications. Please stay tuned at http://pitts.emory.edu for future updates.

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Study Carrel Process and Policies

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Application Process for a Locker and Carrel in the Study Carrel Room

  1. Applications are accepted online beginning August 1 for the coming academic year and assignments are made on a prioritized first come, first served basis.
  2. Study carrels are assigned on a one-semester or full academic year basis for current students in Candler or for Emory ABD doctoral students writing dissertations on a topic that draws heavily on Pitts' collections, depending on need. Several lockers and carrels are also available for visiting or emeriti faculty using Pitts' collections. Carrel assignments for visiting researchers may be shorter than a semester, depending on the length of the visit. No reservation will last more than one calendar year without a need for reapplication.

Carrel and locker policy:

  • Study carrels are available for use during all hours the library is open.
  • All library materials at a carrel or in a locker must be properly checked out to the patron to whom the locker is assigned. Library staff reserve the right to inspect lockers and will remove uncharged materials on a regular basis. Storing uncharged books in a locker may result in loss of the locker and carrel.
  • All library materials are subject to recall and removal by library staff.
  • You may leave personal books in your locker. Please do not leave valuable materials in the lockers or carrels; security cannot be guaranteed.
  • Carrels are shared with other patrons in order to accommodate more demand. Please do not remove or interfere with materials left by others; when you are finished for the day, please place all of your materials in your locker.
  • Library staff reserve the right to inspect locked lockers and carrels and to remove uncharged material.
  • Perishable food is not permitted in the study room. Snack foods may be consumed in the public spaces on the 2nd floor of the library; please take meals to the 3rd floor atrium or to the 2nd floor lobby area outside of the library entrance. Drinks in covered containers are permitted. Powered heating or cooking devices are not permitted in the library. Library staff reserve the right to remove all food items from carrels and lockers.
  • Noise levels should be kept to a minimum; do not use your carrel space for conferences. All cell phone conversations should be held outside of the library, in consideration of other patrons.
  • Library furniture from other locations may not be moved into the study carrel room.
  • There is a $30 replacement fee for any lost locker key or room access key. This fee will be bursared for current students. Repeated losses of either item may result in loss of the carrel and locker space.
  • Repeat violations of guidelines may result in loss of the study carrel and locker.
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